Promoting Your Campaign’s Landing Page

After you publish your FrontDoor campaign, people will not find it unless you promote it and encourage others to share it. Here are some best practices to consider.

1 – First copy your campaign URL.

From your FrontDoor dashboard, click on the campaign you want to promote. Once you are on the campaign page, just click the link to your live page. The link will be saved to your clipboard.


2 – Share your URL.

Once you copy your link, the easiest way to promote your campaign is to share the URL in email campaigns and on various social media platforms.

You might consider including the featured resource in your next email campaign to your church. Encourage the people in your church to share the link to the landing page with their friends. Remember, for the campaign to be effective, you want them to share the link rather than the resource itself.

You can also add the URL to a social media post on Facebook or Twitter. Churches will also add the URL to their Instagram profile when they are trying to reach new people during targeted campaign seasons.

Again, people who are already connected to your church aren’t the primary target audience. Because of that, you’ll want to encourage the people at your church to share your social media posts with their networks of friends.

Here’s a pro tip. The default URLs for FrontDoor campaigns are a little long if they are going to be visible on social media platforms. You might want to consider using a solution like Bitly to shorten and customize your URL before you share it.

3 – Create an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also advertise your campaign’s landing page on Facebook and Instagram to reach more people in your community. Very likely someone in your church is already familiar with advertising on these platforms and can help you get started. If not, here are some resources for Facebook and Instagram to guide you through the process.

In both instances, you will be able to customize your audience and your budget for your campaigns. When you are determining your target audience, you will want to have in mind specifically who you are trying to reach within your church’s mission field.

Here are some best practices to help you improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ads. You’ll want to pay attention to Facebook’s advertising guidelines. If your ad gets rejected, though, welcome to the club! We’ve all experienced it sometime in the past. Just edit your ad or create a new one and resubmit it for another review.

If you learn anything as you are promoting your campaigns, please let us know so that we can share your best practices with others.